Not all who wander are lost.

The journey leading to Gitanos Wine Bar began with Gretchen’s travels to Loreto, Mexico. After only a couple of visits with husband Rick, they decided they should take up residence in Loreto. It took some planning, but they are now living out a new chapter–life in Loreto.

One day Gretchen came across a building in old-town Loreto, a building they didn’t need, but a building that piqued her interest.. When Gretchen found the building that is now Gitanos Wine Bar, it’s windows were covered in newspaper from 2006. It had been a “for sale by owner” since then, and as Gretchen latter learned the owner no longer lived in Loreto and just wanted it sold! 

Gretchen and Rick had no idea what they would do with the building, but its location was, and still is, fabulous; so they bought it. Perhaps they’d turn it into an office space rental. Nah, a wine bar it would be!

In their early days of their relationship, Gretchen and Rick thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we owned a bar.” They both have an appreciation for wine, and Gretchen says simply, “The timing was right.”

The Name


[ masculine ] noun /he’tano/ (also gitana /a/ [ feminine ]) 

Spanish for gypsy

Gypsy means many different things to different people and naming the wine bar Gitanos seemed fitting for Loreto. Loreto is a town of movement that is for sure! We have a strong tourist season with people coming and going. Those who are just traveling through, or day tripping off of a Cruise Ship, or many who live in Loreto for a season or more before moving on to another place of discovery. Moving around isn’t always about looking for something. It’s also about the enjoyment of travel and discovery. The heart of a Gypsy is free.”   

–Gretchen Bell

“There’s nothing like it on our side of town.”

Gitanos Wine Bar is a first of its kind in historic downtown Loreto. Right as you come into the historic district, pass the one and only signal light in Loreto you will spot the three story building with Gitanos on the first floor. It’s original colors were a lime colored green with painted white brick arches, it was crying for an update! Gretchen could envision what the building would look like if it had more of a historic presentation. After almost a year of hard  work it now conforms to the color code and scheme of historic downtown Loreto, along with adding some charm to the South entrance of the downtown district!  

Gitanos has been designed by way of Gretchen’s vision, along with the help of a local architect who serves on the historic committee and local artisans. Its interior is adorned with local metalworks, wood, art and has a beautiful locally made leather mural of Loreto. It now has an enclosed outdoor patio area with a fire pit for the winter months, and is surrounded by beautiful lush landscaping. The front door is a custom door that was carved in Loreto, and then finished by Gretchen who stained it and glazed it. It is the entrance to Gitanos Wine Bar, and Gretchen’s pride and joy.

The Look, Feel, and Experience 

Gretchen envisions a look and experience that is relaxed and comfortable, a casual place to hang out and enjoy wine, beer, small plates, and of course each other! She also sees it as a place where waiters remember return [seasonal] visitors–like a family kitchen. A welcoming spot to greet all alike; tourists visiting from seasonal cruise ships, the weekend warriors, and of course our friends, family and neighbors who live in Loreto full time.   

No matter who the wine drinker may be, from the experienced and educated wine lover to the novice trying their first sip, Gitanos will be a casual place to enjoy wine, share stories and enjoy time with friends. 

Gitanos will feature live music on the patio, including jazz, classic acoustic rock and relaxing Folklore artists.    

Grand Opening

Everyone wants to know when Gitanos Wine Bar will open, but Gretchen has been taking things one step at a time. She’s mindful of Loreto’s seasonal tourism along with all that needs to be prepared and considered in order to make the best first impression of a Grand Opening which is now set for Thursday October 3rd 2019!

Leading up to the opening of Gitanos, Gretchen has learned that everyone has a great idea for the business. Ideas on what to offer, how things could be done better, and so on. She plans to keep things somewhat simple for the grand opening and the months following. The menu alone is a game of seasonal offerings, mixed with what’s locally available year round. Some things are not easy to get. Even good flour can be hard to find in Loreto. The first season will be a learning experience for all, and your constructive suggestions are always welcomed! We want you to love Gitanos as much as we do!

The creation of Gitanos Wine Bar was funded solely by Gretchen and Rick. It’s their baby!

The Wines

Gretchen says that [before Loreto] she was a red-wine-only girl, but the local wines of Baja California have opened her up to a new world of white blends and rosés. Maybe it’s timing, age, or the warmer climate, but Gretchen says she’s now a huge fan of whites and rosés produced in Mexico.

Opening a wine bar in Loreto has presented itself with some wonderful opportunities for Gretchen and Rick. One such opportunity has been the exploration of the Baja California wine country. Mix wine making with the welcoming, inviting and proud Mexican culture, and you are guaranteed to experience something far more intimate than your average wine tasting trip to Napa or other areas in California. 

Private cellar tours and tastings with the winemakers and owners of the most wonderful boutique wineries in Mexico have definitely influenced what you will find at Gitanos. Expect the unexpected from wines of  El Valle de Guadalupe region. Gitanos wine menu is not limited to just the local wineries it will also feature wines from other countries including Argentina, Chile, Australia and California. Overv time Gitanos plans on expanding their wine list to include unique and wonderful wines from all over the world!


Small Bites

Caprese Sticks – Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese & Basil w/a Balsamic Blaze

Olive Oil, Rich Balsamic & Parmesan Cheese Dip w/Baguettes 

Gazpacho – Cold Soup Made of Raw Blended Seasonal Veggies

Hummus with a Hint of Garlic and Lemon Zest Served with Baguettes & Raw Veggies

Spicy Garlic Soy Edamame

Smoked Fish Dip w/Sour Dough & Wine Walnut Baguettes

Bigger Bites

Chipotle Steak Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich w/Grilled Onions & Pickled Okra on the Side

Flatbread Personal Pizza’s

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Candied Walnuts & a Hard Boiled Egg with Our Rich Balsamic Dressing
(w/Grilled Chicken or w/Grilled Steak)

Pesto Chicken Sandwich w/Parmesan Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes

Steak Sandwich w/Caramelized Onions and Okra on the Side

Loreto Garden Board
Mango Chutney Cream Cheese, Pickled Okra, House Marinated Olives, Sweet & Spicy Jalapenos w/Baguettes

Antipasto Board
Prosciutto Wrapped Fruit, Cheese Bites, Roasted Almonds, Dried Seasonal Fruit & Salami Flowers Served w/Baguettes


Cheesecake Rich & Smooth w/a Densely Textured New York Indulgence

Pretzels Sweet & Salty, Caramel Dipped, Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

Ice Cream Delicious “Old School” House Made Creamy & Smooth Goodness



 Red | White | Rose | Sweet Dessert Wine


Baja Brewing Co. | Tecate | Corona | Pacifico | Non-Alcoholic


Wine by the glass


Feature cocktails

Small plates ~ light bites

Local live music

Gifts ~ stemless wine cups & Gitano’s t-shirts


1 week ago

Gitano's Cantina de Vino, Loreto, BCS

Check out our new take
home dishes
with our “known for” flavors!

Why prep when we can do it for you?

Oven ready dishes for two!

Call in your order at 613-688-2065 or
What’s app your order to 613-109-7357

Please order by Wednesday by 2 for
pick up on Friday by 5!
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View on Facebook

1 week ago

Gitano's Cantina de Vino, Loreto, BCS

First and foremost Mucho Gracias
to all of the folks that continue to help us
with our #FEEDLORETO endeavor!

This week a huge Thank you goes out to
Rosie & Mike, Margie &Bob, Kristie & Robert,
Alma de Sur, Alexis (the yoga teacher we all love),
Tracey, Peggy & family and Yvonne & Ken !!!

We seriously cannot do this without all of
your support and encouragement!
Thank You!

Here is a quick update on #FEEDLORETO

There has been a missed area of
Loreto that is in dire need of food
assistance. This area includes the
families up in the hills behind Miramar,
as well as Miramar itself. Although some
families are receiving help, and some are
Already on our current distribution list,
The Need is over whelming in that area.

Therefore our next distribution will
be focused primarily on that area.

Unfortunately some of our current
families on our list will have to do without
in order for us to help others in need at
this time😞

If you are wanting to help our
endeavor you can PayPal to
or if you are here in Loreto Orlando’s
or Gitanos can accept peso donations!

Thank you very much for considering the cause!
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Gitanos Wine Bar (side exterior view featuring logo)

Podcast Interview Featuring Gretchen

Hear Gretchen tell the story of her venture with husband Rick as they embark on a second act in their careers as expats in Loreto, Mexico. She talks about the wanderlust idea that took them from California to Mexico, working with local artisans and the careful planning of a seasonal business.


Promo sheet from Gretchen Bell's guest apperance on the Morning Tempo podcast

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